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Kalinowski_thumbOur free analysis program, ML-Relate, implementing the methods we developed for analyzing genetic data containing null alleles (hosted by Dr Steven Kalinowski has posted our free program (ML-Relate). Unlike CERVUS, this program calculates true relatedness values and can test hypothesized relationships (e.g. parent-offspring). The program note was published in Mol. Ecol. The full paper describing the method was published in Heredity (see publications).

pinduliJanell Cannon’s children’s book, Pinduli starring a striped hyena. A great story with some fantastic sketch-work.

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The Living Desert was the home of two of the few striped hyenas in North America and was a key conservation and education partner for our striped hyena field work.

Oregon Zoo’s Future for Wildlife Program was a valuable project supporter.

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species was a regular and valued supporter of our efforts toward striped hyena conservation.

Mpala Research Centre Loisaba Laikipia Wildlife Forum